Bolt Gigs is an event staffing agency that provides you with a flexible and high-paying way to work events. Our mission is to provide you with:

Flexibility. Don’t want to work one weekend? No problem. You create your own schedule to work when and where you want.

Ease of Use. Schedule your shifts from your mobile phone. We partnered with an app to make this happen. You gain access after signing up.

Money! We pay above minimum wage for all our shifts

Community. We encourage you to sign up and work with your friends.

    • Workers Comp Coverage

    • Unemployment Insurance

    • Online / Mobile Work Scheduling

    • High Wages

    • All Skill Levels Welcome to Apply

    • Adam Hodgles

      Shift Captain

      “ I get energy from the other Bolt Gigs employees I work with. It’s a party – and we all know we are there to help the guests make great memories. This shared attitude creates excitement and makes the shifts exciting. Can’t think of a better, more flex ”

    • Mayra Anderson


      “ I think Bolt Gigs is different because they encourage you and their clients to help you learn new skills when you work events. Then, once you’ve learned the new skills, you can claim more shifts on the mobile app. The pay is also great. ”

    • Bill Badiner


      “ My favorite thing about Bolt Gigs is the enthusiastic attitudes of my Bolt Gigs coworkers. Bolt event workers tend to be more supportive and helpful towards each other than other event agencies I’ve worked with, which keeps me motivated to create the ”

    Our Team

    These are the wonderful people behind Bolt Gigs

    • Danielle Tarani

      Director of Hospitality

    • Matt Thacker

      Talent Sourcing Specialist

    • Joanne Sanders


    • Calvin Sanders

      Director of Brand Development

    • Neelam Benoit

      Engagement Specialist

    • Alex Nabrynski

      This dude gets you paid!